Kristall 3

Kristall (Romania) / 1932

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Design: The format is similar to the French Cristal label, and in both names the 'A' features a distinctive inverted triangular cross-bar. The logo, here obliterated, shows a 'K' with a record suspended from its cross-bar (see previous label).

History: Label scan above courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "The Kristall label existed from c. 1928 - 1943 and was issued by Kristall GmbH as part of the Deutsche Crystalate Co. of Berlin-Reinickendorf. In the beginning, Kristall utilized masters from the bankrupted Vox label. Additionally, they used masters from the U.S. Banner and U.K. Imperial catalogues. From 1933 on they obtained masters from US Perfect and U.K. Rex labels, which were supplied to them by Crystalate of London, the parent company; masters from the Swedish Kristall and U.K. Broadcast subsidiaries were also used. In 1936 Kristall launched the 'Imperial Gold' label, which until 1944 was used to issue many former Kristall recordings, and which was followed by the white label (1946-1953). [Summary from the Lange-Discography]." Label scan below left courtesy of collector Florin Caloianu of Romania, who discovered this red label from Germany underneath a Romanian Electrocord black label. He notes: "The French Cristal, British Crystalate (who marketed the Imperial label, among others), German Kristall, Hungarian Kristaly and Romanian Cristal/Electrecord companies were connected. British Crystalate, the parent company, was bought out in 1937 by Decca, and in the same year the German Kristall company was absorbed by the Lindstrom AG." Label scan below right courtesy of collector Gabriel Gössel of Czechoslovakia.

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