Jien-O-Phone Record

Jien-O-Phone Record (India) / 1937

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Design: A rather mature-looking cherub with leathery-looking wings sails among the clouds of heaven, cradling a morning-glory-horn phonograph in one arm while admiring a record in his other hand. His nakedness is modestly obscured by a flowing, pink silk ribbon. Record-players of this type were long out of date in the Western world by this period in time, but with the lag of technology and electrical power grids in the Indian sub-continent, hand-wound phonographs remained the norm well into the 1960s, when the only Beatles records to be manufactured in 78 rpm format were intended specifically for the Indian market.

History: Label scan above courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Jien-O-Phone was specially manufactured for Janki Naim Kumar & Bros., Lahore. According to many records of this matrix number series, which are spread over different Indian labels, the record is from 1937, and obviously recorded and pressed by the Indian HMV factory." Alternate colour label scan below courtesy of collector Helmut Janisch of Germany.

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