Hawaiian Transcription 2

Hawaiian Transcription Productions (Hawaii) / c. 1939

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Design: The font used for the shell (in the upper segment) is Goudy Old Style, a classical Roman font designed in 1915 by Frederic W. Goudy (1865-1947), a prolific American type designer, and which still enjoys tremendous popularity for both advertising and continuous reading applications (a rare achievement among fonts). The illustration repeated either side of the initials perhaps represents the tropical flowers and leaves for which the islands are famous.

History: KGU radio station in Honolulu, Hawaii was located in the same building as the Honolulu Advertiser, a long-established newspaper which also had a book-publishing arm. Evidently, the Advertiser took on the production and distribution of recordings originally made for radio broadcasting in KGU's studios. Many American servicemen and women had been stationed on the islands during WWII, and when they returned to the mainland they took with them a love for Hawaiian culture, especially as expressed in its music and flowered shirts.

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