Gefiederte Meistersanger

Gefiederte Meistersanger (Germany) / 1937

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Design: Generally, most 78 rpm record label designs show three main elements in varying percentages: first, decoration to attract and hold the eye, which might consist of pictorial images, straight or curving lines or ornamented letters; second, colouring, most often being two or three combinations of the complementary or contrasting variety, and third (but no means the least important), information, usually conveyed by more or less straightforward roman alphabetic letters. Here we have a very straightforward but clear typographic design presenting 100 per cent information, with two complementary colours, in a clear and logical fashion. The only element missing (somewhat surprisingly) is the decorative aspect, which for a subject like bird song would have been easy to add (e.g. the Favorite label from 1910), perhaps lightly screened in the background.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "The label name Gefiederte Meistersänger means 'Feathered Mastersingers,' and dealt exclusively with recordings of bird songs. Neue Folge means 'New Series.' Also existing (but not to hand) is the 'First Series' of the same name. Each issue was comprised of a set of three records, with four different birds singing on each side, the field recordings having been made by the cultural department of the Lindström record company."

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