Fama (Germany) / 1932

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Design: The rising sun was a primary image of the Art Deco movement, which had its beginnings in France in 1925. Though the image was usually hard-edged and spiky (e.g. Parnasse), this label shows the same mechanically-constructed look, especially in the label name lettering, which has been carefully drawn to minimize unwanted space between the letters (note the widened top of the A, the narrowed base of the M).

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Fama was a cheap label of the Küchenmeister affiliated group of companies (which included Ultraphon etc.) and was marketed through chain stores from 1930 to 1932, when Küchenmeister went bankrupt. Mostly the label re-used matrices from the Adler and Eltag labels, but some Adler recordings were made exclusively for Fama (source: Horst H. Lange)."

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