Elton (Germany) / c. 1933

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Design: A very attractive piece of loose brush script lettering with a swash underline for the label name, the concept of which is more in tune with the 1920s than the 1930s, but the record sleeve (below) shows very dynamic, up-to-date graphics for the period, including a robust form of blackletter (a style that remained in everyday use in Germany until the mid-1940s).

History: Label and sleeve scans courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Elton was the second label issued by Albert Ebner in about 1930 as a successor to the Electromusik flexible record; it lasted until 1936. This label was very successful in south-west Germany because of its cheap price of one Reichsmark. The artists were mainly recruited from the region around Stuttgart, often with 'Elton' as part of the orchestra name. Elton also used matrices from other companies to add well-known vocalists and orchestras to their repertoire. In 1936 Albert Ebner married into the 'Perpetuum' company, which was afterward renamed as 'Perpetuum Ebner,' which became well known for their record players." Why the English-sounding name of 'Elton' was chosen is unknown.

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