Eisen Fuchs

Eisen Fuchs (Germany) / 1933

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Design: The 78 rpm record has no label, but the record is of interest!

History: Image courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "I recently processed a Christmas greeting record which was issued in late 1933 by an iron trading company, Eisen Fuchs GmbH, of Stuttgart, Germany.

"The background research was interesting: one of the three members of the board of directors was an aristrocrat named Georg Maria Konstantin Ignatius Antonius Felix Augustinus Wunibald Kilian Bonifacius Reichserbtruchseß siebter Fürst von Waldburg zu Zell und Trauchburg(!). The reverse side of the record declares: 'This record is individually dedicated to you. If you do not own a record player, you will certainly have an acquaintance who can play it for you.'" (Click here to see Mr. Richter's article.)

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