Decca 2

Decca (U.K.) / 1930

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Design: Note the looping swash of the cap 'A' encircling the image of Beethoven, omitted in the Australian Decca label (see next page), which also uses a different illustration.

History: As the previous page. Alternate colour label scan below right courtesy of collector John Bruninx of Belgium, who writes: "This record is an advertising promo from the Haecht company, a Belgian beer brewery. The song title appears in Flemish on one side: 'Lied van de brouwerij van Haecht,' but on the flip side it appears in French: 'Chanson de brasserie de Haecht,' which in English translates as 'Song of the brewery from Haecht.'" To see John's web site (a great collection of phonographs, records etc.) click on

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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