Danubius Record

Danubius Record (Hungary) / 1930

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Design: The logo at the centre, within the laurel wreath above the spindle hole, seems to be composed of the letters M, R and G, though in what order they should read is unknown (an imprint in the run-out area reads 'A Mega Copyright 1930,' so perhaps the letter M is for Mega). The label name is set in an ultrabold condensed with softly-rounded stub serifs, which is effective in the handling of a long name within a limited space, but the swelled-line shapes which it overarches are sharply pointed.

History: Evidently the label name derives from the mighty river Danube, an international waterway which enters or borders ten central European countries, including Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Ukraine. However, the name 'Danubius' seems to be frequently associated with the city of Budapest in Hungary. Label scan courtesy of collector Michael Letchford of the U.K.

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