Conservative Record

Conservative Record (U.K.) / c. 1934

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Design: Appropriately, a very 'conservative' design, using a mix of sans serif and stub serif fonts. In the era between the two World Wars (in England), the colours representative of the political parties were yellow for (left-wing) Labour, blue for (centre-right) Liberal and red for (right-wing) Conservatives, thus making the background colour seen here appropriate. Since WWII, the colour preferences have switched, with red and orange being used for left-wing parties and blue for right-wingers. The song 'Sonny Boy' became immensely popular when sung by Al Jolson in a new 'talking' movie of 1928, The Singing Fool.

History: A political giveaway (likely for the 1935 General Election in Britain), promoting Stanley Baldwin as Prime Minister for a third term, and produced for the Conservative Party ('C.P.') by Columbia. You can listen to the record being played on Youtube. Label scan courtesy of collector Graham Farnell of the U.K.

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