Columbia 15

Columbia (The Netherlands) / c. 1933

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Design: The standard-format round-cornered panels are absent here. The 'krontjong' (a style of Indonesian folk song) commemorates Mata Hari, the stage name of Margaretha Zelle MacLeod, a celebrated Dutch-born exotic dancer and courtesan of the WWI era who, after returning to Europe from a troubled upbringing in the Dutch East Indies, became a spy for the German military command. Achieving celebrity status for her private liaisons with powerful men in many countries, she also gained notoriety for her extremely provocative style of public dancing. Arrested in 1917 and convicted as a spy (without firm incriminating evidence at the time, but later proven to be accurate), she was executed by firing-squad. Fred Belloni, whose name also appears here, was a Indonesian-born violinist-turned-orchestra leader who first popularized this form of music.

History: As previous. Label scan courtesy of collector Klaas Vonk of The Netherlands.

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