Cinecord (U.K.) / 1935

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Design: In the early years of label design, label names usually followed the outer curve of the label, with parallel cap and base-lines. As time went on, non-parallel alignments were occasionally introduced for either the capital or base-lines (Star, Thomas). The curving cap and base-lines here were undoubtedly influenced by the wide-screen cinema, as the label name suggests. Apart from the 'modern' logo, the rest of the design is decidedly old-fashioned, showing Victoriana-style curlicues on the borders and a drawing of a nondescript domed building (compare with Coliseum).

History: Label scan courtesy of music researcher Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K., who notes that this very rare label, a product of British Homophone, was in production for only a few months.

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