4 In 1

4 In 1 (U.K.) / 1932

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Design: Here a main feature is the stroboscopic border, the stripes of which appeared to stand still when the turntable was rotating at the correct speed. The chunky label 'name' lettering is very sprightly, enlivened even further by the fine sprigs of ornament which fill in the blank areas. After all the design elements have been placed, not much room is left over for the song titles, which are stuffed awkwardly into available spaces.

History: Manufactured by British Homophone, which had German roots but was isolated from its parent company at the outbreak of WWI. The record packed two songs on each side, doubling the usual fare; hence the label name. During the 'depression' years (called 'the slump' in Britain), consumers were looking for economies in every area, so offerings such as this would have had marketing appeal. Label scan courtesy of collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.

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