Zonophone 2

Zonophone (U.K.) / 1927

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Design: In this design, introduced in 1926, the label name continues to run in an arc across the top, when most other label names now ran straight across. The word 'Record' has now been dropped. At the centre of the upper segment is the British Zonophone logo, with the word 'Zonophone' running horizontally and vertically to provide a cross within the circle. The space either side of the circle is filled by a floriated design incorporating the letters Z and R in a calligraphic style.

History: After the 1903 court decision in Victor's favour, the European assets of Zon-O-Phone were assigned to the Gramophone & Typewriter Company of London (which would eventually launch the His Master's Voice label). The Zonophone name would continue until 1931, when after a merger with Columbia took place (to form EMI). It was then merged with Columbia's cheaply-priced Regal label to become Regal Zonophone (Wikipedia).

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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