Vox Humana Record

Vox Humana Record (Australia) / c. 1926

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Design: A mirror image of a cherub blowing a ram's horn, with the unusual treatment of the label name being curved both upward and downward to fit around the illustration. The outer border, in the form of a fabric riband, is also part of the illustration.

History: Thanks for updated info to collector Derek Kell of South Australia, who writes: "The following information is taken from Ross Laird's book Sound Beginnings - The Early Record Industry in Australia (Currency Press Pty. Ltd., 1999): 'Vox Humana. A disc produced in 1926 by Pathé Frères in London for export to Australia, probably on order from the Perpetual Trading Company of Sydney, who also sold the more common Grand Pree label. There were only 68 issues on Vox Humana, all of which appear to have been produced simultaneously, and they sold for 1s. 9d'" [one shilling and nine pence - DK].

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