Vaughan (U.S.A.) / 1927

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Design: A straightforward layout with the label name superimposed across a music staff, and featuring a handshake logo which was often used for secret fraternal societies such as the Masonic Order.

History: Label scan courtesy of radio DJ Robin Clayton of WLRC Gospel Radio AM 850, Walnut, Mississippi, who writes: "I use Stanton cartridges on the air here along with Audicord Cart machines, Gates turntables and an LPB Signature II on-air board. We are still non-automated in a town of 700. A friend of mine did recordings at Fred Gennett's for funeral homes but I never saw the end product. Vaughan had his records made there. The Vaughan Quartet was Adger Pace (bass); W.B. Walbert (baritone); Otis McCoy (lead); Hillman Barnard (tenor); and James Moores."

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