Van Dyke

Van Dyke (U.S.A.) / 1929

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Design: Perhaps the most attractive of all Grey Gull labels. The swelled-line part of the outer border, printed in gold, has an engraved quality about it which along with the organic flourishes effectively conveys the impression of an antique bank-note or an elaborate cigar-box label. The red background behind the broad-hatted Sir Anthony seems to be ill-fitting, whether purposely or not, while the spot of red fill at the foot really brightens up the whole design. The label name is one of few examples showing shading, to add a third dimensional effect (see Silvertone).

History: Issued by Grey Gull, Van Dyke had a very short life span, from 1929 to 1930. Naming the label after Sir Anthony van Dyke (1599-1641), the Dutch master painter, with the slogan 'Each record a Masterpiece,' is a clever concept; other labels used similar superlatives (e.g. 'America's Best Record'; 'Golden Throated' etc.).

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