The Little Marvel 2

The Little Marvel (U.K.) / c. 1926

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Design: An even more ornate design, now in two colours (the second colour probably being the same as the dark blue, with a high percentage of white added), and with a different cap W in the diamond at the top.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Owen Burgess of Canada. From the Woolworths Museum UK web site comes the following information: "To promote competition and get the best deal for customers, the Woolworths buyer bought records from two suppliers. While Crystallate developed Mimosa, the Vocalion Gramophone Record Company [produced] the Little Marvel label. Vocalion was a large company in the US, but comparatively unknown in the UK. Little Marvels were launched on trial in 1921, with the range extending into all stores from 1923 onwards. They carried the Woolworths 'Diamond W' motif on the label. Little Marvel discs played at 80rpm and offered a wholly-owned track on one side and a halfpenny royalty track on the other, and rarely named the performing artist. To the frustration of collectors, the early discs did not carry catalogue numbers. Of the two labels, Little Marvel proved the more popular, partly because of the mix of titles carried. If anything, the recording quality was not quite as good as Mimosa, but their range of titles was better and more up-tempo. Little Marvel discs were offered for sixpence right through until 1928."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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