The Gramophone Co.

The Gramophone Co. (U.K.) / c. 1921

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Design: The UK Gramophone Company was founded by William Barry Owen and his partner/investor Trevor Williams in 1897 as the UK partner of Emile Berliner's United States based United States Gramophone Company, which had been founded in 1892. Victor and Columbia began making flat records in America, with UK Gramophone and others continuing to do so outside America. In February 1909, the company introduced new labels featuring the famous trademark known as 'His Master's Voice,' generally referred to as HMV, to distinguish them from earlier labels which featured an outline of the Recording Angel trademark. In March 1931 The Gramophone Company merged with Columbia Graphophone Company to form Electric and Musical Industries Ltd (EMI). The "Gramophone Company, Ltd." name, however, continued to be used for many decades, especially for copyright notices on records. The Gramophone Company Ltd. legal entity was renamed EMI Records Ltd. in 1973 (source: Wikipedia).

History: A plain white background allows for handwritten notes. Label scan courtesy of collector Jukka Kettunen of Finland, who notes that this label was affixed to a 12 inch record.

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