Supertone 2

Supertone (U.S.A.) / 1927

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Design: The scale of the elements are slightly different to the Radiex label, but the treatment is the same. A plain sans serif is used for the label name instead of the blobby stub-serif seen on the Radiex label, but the same Old English initial is incorporated within the oval at the top. The font style used for the imprinting is identical (hand-set Cheltenham Bold).

History: Evidently a dime-store custom label, though with no connection to the Supertone label on the previous page. Label scan courtesy of U.S. collector Shane Davis, who writes: "I got three of these unusual Supertone labels in a stack with some Grey Gull records. They seem to very strongly resemble a product made by the same manufacturer as Grey Gull. The gold print on the label reads 'Straus & Schram Chicago.'"

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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