Silvertone (U.S.A.) / 1923

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Design: This basic format, with its concentric circles, derives its inspiration from the Brunswick label of the same period. A striking feature of this very beautiful design is the elegant manta ray-like shape dividing the upper and lower halves. It also features a charming and well-balanced piece of brush lettering with a graceful underlining swash for the label name. A pretty stylized lyre at the top, surmounted by a delicate 'S,' perfectly echoes the curlicues below. Even the tiny lettering at the foot is beautifully done. The attractive gold-on-brown colour combination is quite legible.

History: Launched in 1916 as a replacement for the Oxford label, the Silvertone name was used by the Sears Roebuck chain of stores for their line of radios and phonographs as well as records, which were pressed by Columbia. The redesigned label, as here, appeared in the early 1920s, and lasted until 1928.

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