Reneyphone (Belgium) / 1925

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Design: The label name follows a vertical arc; the 'cap line' follows the outer curve, making the beginning and end of the word larger than the centre. Why a bulldog is used as a trade mark is unknown; usually it is seen as a symbol of Britain.

History: Label scan courtesy of music researcher and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K. Thanks to collector Philippe Van Goethem of Belgium for the following info: "Reneyphone is indeed a Belgian label. The name of the owner was Mr. Reney (from Ghent in Belgium). The records issued many masters recorded by Polydor (Germany). The label issued also many recordings of military march music; there was a Reneyphone Orchestra for recording this music. Reneyphone Radio enterprise was located in Brussels around 1935, in 15 Leon Lepage Street. They also manufactured table-model gramophones."

An alternate scan (below), showing slightly different inline lettering for the label name, and additional background information as follows is supplied by collector Georg Richter of Germany: "Reneyphone was not founded by Monsieur Reney, but by Charles René. Before starting Reneyphone-Radio S.A. in Brussels (at 15 Rue Léon Lepage), Charles René founded the Reneyphone record label, also manufacturing wind-up gramophones with the same name. [A research of corporate records indicate that] 'Reneyphone-Radio S.A. was founded on 06.08.1935 by Lucie Barbe (15 Rue Léon Lepage, Bruxelles), George René (Rue Beaurepaire 20, Paris), Charles René (Avenue Broustin, Ganshoren), Madeleine Renouard (Vellées Rue des Peupliers 33, Bois-Colombes) and Marcel Rabache (Rue Sadi Carnot 18, Vanves) for industry and commerce of all apparatus and accessories for wireless sets and television. Initial capital 50.000 BEF.'"

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