Polydor (Germany) / 1924

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Design: The stylized hand-cranked phonograph, with a weird genie-like figure speaking into a pair of horns issuing from its mouth, is prominent. The strong graphic is accented by the sunburst effect in the background, while the same spiky shapes are repeated to isolate the imprinting area. The label name lettering, running in an arc around the upper segment, is done in a playful inline font more typical of the 1950s.

History: The British and German divisions of the Gramophone Company having been separated by the hostilities of WWI, Deutsche Grammophon exports went out under the Polydor imprimatur (beginning in 1924), while its home releases were marketed as Electrola. According to collector Martín Javier Gorosito of Argentina, who supplied this image, this label is from the acoustic recording era (roughly, up to 1925). 'Electric' recording became general in the recording industry after that date. Alternate colour label scans courtesy of Dimitar Malchev of Bulgaria, Martín Javier Gorosito of Argentina, Georg Richter of Germany.

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