Phonola Record

Phonola Record (Canada) / 1920

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Design: An example of what might be called a 'feminine' design approach: elements such as leaves, musical instruments, a music staff and notes are carefully arranged in symmetrical fashion in the upper segment. At the top is a very pretty collage of musical instruments, featuring the aeolian harp, violin and a wind instrument (bassoon?). A similar design appears on the earlier Zon-O-Phone label. The long-defunct word 'Record' appears, in a very old-fashioned Victorian-style typeface. Long recognized as a symbol of Canada, the maple leaf was officially launched as the Canadian flag in 1965.

History: Phonola, manufacturers of phonograph cabinets, launched their own line of records in early 1918. In the early 1920s, radio began to emerge as the hot new medium in home entertainment (the first radio station in America, KDKA, began broadcasting November 2, 1920 in Pittsburgh.) Sales of records began to decline, and in 1922 Phonola switched its manufacturing focus from phonographs to radios, dropping its line of records altogether.

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