Pathe Actuelle 4

Pathé Actuelle (France) / c. 1926

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Design: A slightly narrower border than the previous label, with less complex patterning. The border is taken to the extreme outer edge of the label, to maximize the area available for imprinting.

History: Pathé Frères began manufacturing phonographs and cylinder records  in the mid-1890s, and began making discs in 1909, but these were quite different to conventional discs in many ways (outside dimension, composition materials, groove width, groove direction, playing speed). In 1920 they began making discs that were more in line with other products on the market, which were called 'Pathé Actuelle Needle-Cut.' Label scan courtesy of collector Jukka Kettunen of Finland.

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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