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Pathé (France) / c. 1924

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Design: On an earlier design, the crowing rooster occupied pride of place, but now has been made subservient to the swash logo of the label name. The first Pathé records ran the opposite direction to conventional records, in that the music track began near the spindle hole and moved outward; here, the notice indicates that the track begins on the outside, at a speed of 80 rpm.

History: The French company of Pathé Frères began existence as a phonograph shop in 1894. Soon after, they started manufacturing cylinders. Another major corporate concern was with the movie industry, the two interests becoming distinct in 1918. The recording side of the business continued into the early 1930s, when the Great Depression finally caused its financial failure.

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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