Palais de Danse

Palais de Danse (Germany) / c. 1924

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Design: A stylish couple twirl across the surface of a record, while a curious trio of musicians watch in the background; a similar grouping can be seen on the earlier Anker Rekord label (right).

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Helmut Janisch of Germany. Thanks for updated info to collector Georg Richter of Germany, who notes: "The Palais de Danse label was registered to ISI (Isi-Werke Internationale Schallplatten-Industrie GmbH) on October 17, 1924. The matrix number (as shown on the label) was most probably from the year 1922, so 1924 for the label itself might fit. It is mechanically recorded. Note that the orchestra is identified as 'Isiphon-Orchester,' and the 'Qualitätsplatte' logo at the foot (even though the acoustic recording would be short on 'quality') refers to ISI. By the end of 1928, the matrix numbering had reached near #8.200, and ISI started over again at #5.000, reaching #6.000 again in 1930.

"As a further note, in February 1914 'Palais de Danse' was a sub-label (featuring a totally different design) of Applaudando Schallplattenfabrik GmbH of Halle, Germany, which issued recordings of the well respected Palais de Danse Orchestra of Berlin. Applaudando went bankrupt during WW1, and ISI took over Applaudando's masters, reissuing the original recordings along with some of its own, and reanimating the 'Palais de Danse' label name (see above). One of ISI's early managers had been a co-founder of Schallplattenindustrie GmbH in Halle, which was soon renamed Applauidando; in 1924, ISI also filed the brand name Applaidando. In 1931 all ISI labels (except Cordy) were discontinued; the very last ISI recording was issued in 1932."

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