Odeon 8

Odeon (Italy) / c. 1924

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Design: In this complete departure from the usual Odeon format, the label name logo is drawn in a whimsical neo-medieval style. Each letter has spiky brackets at centre x-height on each side of the main strokes, with perforations at the same level. Even the underlining swash is given the same prickly treatment, but the outer border features curlicued organic buds joined by lines of dot-dash beading. In the manner of a medieval manuscript, the Odeon building is dropped inside the initial 'O.' The design may have taken its inspiration from the Brunswick label of 1917, right, which also features a large 'medieval' initial, spiky brackets to the label name letters, organic decoration and dot-dash bead borders.

History: Launched in Germany in 1903. Label scan courtesy of collector Guiliana Fugazzotto of Italy.

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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