Nimbus (Germany) / c. 1928

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Design: A very infrequently-seen inverted baseline for the label name, which has the meaning of 'heavy rain cloud,' and thus the image has the appropriate 'heavy' or overbearing quality. Behind the 'cloud,' rays of light seem to be emanating from the 'sun,' symbolized by the initial N. The sun was a primary image of the Art Deco movement, which had its beginnings in 1925 in an exhibition of art and design held in Paris. The dark blue is also an appropriate colour choice.

History:Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who notes: "Nimbus was one of several cheap, third-class labels on the German market. The records issued were of varying diameters, from 17cm (7 inch, as here) up to 20cm (8 inch) and were electrically recorded. Normally, small-size records, from 10cm (4 inch) and up were made for children's toy gramophones, but this label's catalogue included bawdy drinking songs, 'hot' dance music and classical arias -- not really appropriate fare for children! In contrast to the usual mundane performance level, this recording is an exception: Josef Gräf was a highly skilled whistler (Kunstpfeifer)."

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