Musical Health Builder

Musical Health Builder (U.S.A.) / c. 1921

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Design: Superimposed over a music staff, a clean-cut young man flexes his arm muscles above a panel containing the label name.

History: The name of Walter Camp (1859-1925) is legendary in American sports history as one of the founding fathers of the game of American football, which had its origins in the British game of rugby. During WWI, as an advisor on physical fitness to the U.S. military, he devised a regimen of twelve basic exercises for servicemen to perform at the beginning of each day (the 'Daily Dozen'), which after the war's end was promoted via the new medium of radio to a much wider audience. Camp's signature at the foot is preceded by the letters 'O.K.,' which may mean that the record was produced for Camp's Health Builders company by Okeh Records, which often used the dull red and gold colour combination. Label scan courtesy of collector Michael Robertson of Canada.

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