Mundial Record

Mundial Record (Chile) / c. 1922

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Design: The highly-detailed full-colour illustration, which demands a high degree of accuracy in the printing process (the red plate is slightly off register), shows a young woman leaning on the arm of a large, high-backed easy chair, listening intently to music from the cabinet-style phonograph alongside, the lid of which is closed, but whose sound-doors are open.

The lower segment consists of evergreen branches interspersed with red flowers, overlaid by web-like fretwork, containing a scalloped panel for the imprinting. The Spanish word 'mundial' means 'world.'

History: Label scan courtesy of Helmut Janisch of Germany.

Thanks for updated information to collector Diego Alfonso Castillo of Chile, who writes: "Mundial Record was one of several labels owned by Chilean record manufacturer Efraín Band, and was mostly a 'pirate' label (though some original recordings produced by Band came out on this label as well). All the records produced by Band were recorded and pressed in Chile; his record factory, established around 1909, was the industry pioneer in South America."

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