Mandel (U.S.A.) / 1921

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Design: A brush-swash underlined logo, in the classic 1920s style, featuring an angular, 19th-century 'Chinese' initial M combined with softly-curving lowercase in a connected script, positioned so as to be slightly backward-leaning. The decorative outer border also retains something of the Victorian era. An attractive design, in two shades of blue and gold.

History: According to American Record Labels and Companies by Sutton & Nauck (Mainspring Press, 2000), Mandel Manufacturing of Chicago, Illinois was founded in 1915 as a subsidiary of a parent company which produced equipment related to the photographic industry. The phonograph division of the company produced table-top and floor-model machines (see below) and, in early 1921, launched its own line of vertical-cut records using masters from Lyric Records, but the catalogue apparently did not continue beyond the middle of that same year.

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