Langenscheidt (Germany) / 1928

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Design: A plain but carefully-balanced symmetrical layout for this language-learning series, incorporating a globe logo at the top, surmounted by a decorated capital L carrying the challenging words 'Ohn' fleiss kein preis,' ('no pain, no gain'). Note the infrequently-seen 'ch' ligature used in the two lines at the top.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "The Toussaint-Langenscheidt label was published by the Langenscheidtsche Verlagsbuchhandlung (publishing bookstore) G.m.b.H. of Prof. G. Langenscheidt, located in Berlin-Schöneberg; the Langenscheidt company is still active today. The records were probably recorded at and pressed by the Homocord company."

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