Homocord 5

Homocord (Germany) / c. 1926

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Design: The influence of Art Deco is apparent here in the hard, angular logo in the upper segment. The chubby label name lettering is also geometrically constructed, with a shadow effect. The round-cornered panels echo the Columbia label from the late 1920s (right).

History: Founded in 1905 in Berlin, Germany. Label scan courtesy of collector Dimitar Malchev of Bulgaria.

Label scan below courtesy of collector Florin Caloianu of Romania, who writes: "This record was made by the German Homocord company for the Romanian market. At the foot is the imprint of Mischonzniky SAR, a limited-liability company that had been active in the music industry in Romania since 1886 (and is still in existence as a joint-stock company). Nathan Mischonzniky was a Jewish entrepreneur who was responsible for importing and distributing Perfection, Homocord and Electrecord labels in Romania, and built a production factory there in 1934. The serial numbers shown on the label are identical to those in the Perfection catalogue."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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