Grammophon Cinema

Grammophon Cinema (Germany) / 1928

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Design: The elegant high-waisted lettering used for the label name which follows the outer edge gives the label an old-fashioned, symmetrical feeling, although the design is actually asymmetrical, and carefully crafted to achieve visual balance. Note that the label name lettering splays outward as it gains height, compensating for distortion and spacing problems.

History: Label scan (above) and additional images (below) courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Many (or most) records of this series (from about 1927 to 1930?) had the same title on both sides, with matrices from the standard Grammophon repertoire. For convenient playing of a complete movie sound track, which might be carried on two or more records, cinema theatres used multiple record players (below, see pictures of a Siemens triple player and a drawing of a Körting double player). Ordinarily, only the title and composer were mentioned on the label, the lower half being reserved for the movie operator to note how often a side was played, or for writing comments like "worn" etc. Some records had sounds (such as animals) which had multiple tracks on each side, were obviously used for making shorts to demonstrate the sound quality of an upcoming movie. For export, the same records were issued as Polydor Cinema (not to be confused with earlier Movie Tone records). Unfortunately, these records are off-spec for all discographers, so I would like to ask anyone for additional enlightment."

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