Grammophon (Germany) / 1929

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Design: The traditional layout for the label shows the label name following an arc and a line drawing of Nipper the dog listening to the Victor phonograph, but the sleeves show some interesting graphic, typographic and calligraphic elements. The broad-nibbed pen lettering on the left is strongly reminiscent of Textura Gothic in its condensed, angular forms: by contrast, North American studios would usually treat their logotypes in a more open, 'easy-going,' softer-edged brush script, e.g. Hydrola.

History: Label and sleeve scans courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who notes: "The green-label 'Polyfar R' series, described on the sleeve as being 'Polyfar-Raumton-Aufnahmen,' is not strictly speaking 'Raumton,' or stereophonic: in this situation, the artists were no longer restricted to the strict positions they would have had to adopt for making an aucoustical recording, but a single microphone, placed within a two-metre distance of them, would capture their sound -- as well as the acoustic situation of the recording room."

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