Fetherflex (U.K.) / c. 1923

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Design: A curious collage indeed, showing a red-headed nude female occupying pride of place in the design, flexing a Fetherflex record (testament to the advertising industry maxim that "sex sells!"). Below the spindle hole is another representation of the record, and around the outer edge, in muted colour, is an assemblage of musical instruments (the sackbut and the dulcimer are missing yet again). The label name, lettered in a very nice calligraphic style on a banner treated like a music staff, occupies the position of least importance, at the foot, leaving the imprinting (including the publisher's full name and address) to be confined to a very small area to the right of the spindle hole. The overall concept, design and treatment is very similar to the roughly contemporary Piccadilly label, even showing some of the same fonts in the imprinting.

History: Label scan courtesy of musicologist and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K., who notes that this label, made from a white plastic material, is "very rare indeed."

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