Equator (France) / c. 1929

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Design: A beautiful illustration of a blond-haired, moustachioed warrior (a Viking? a Gaul?) wearing a winged helmet and blowing a horn, though what this powerful image has to do with the label name, 'Equator,' is unclear. The gold-coloured patterning around the outer edge at the top seems arbitrary, being too narrow in width to be an effective stroboscope. The curved-line panels on each side contrast with the straight lines containing the label name, which is drawn in geometric Art Deco fashion. The track shown here was written in 1929.

History: Scans courtesy of collector John Bruninx of Belgium, who bought the unusual Equator portable phonograph (below) at a flea market and then, a week later, was lucky enough to find a matching Equator record! If anyone has any information about the history of this product line, please contact info.re.78s@shaw.ca. To see John's web site (a great collection of phonographs, records etc.) click on www.78rpm.be

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