Embassy (Australia) / 1929

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Design: An interesting, complex agglomeration of rounded curlicues and sharp-pointed electrical flashes, as the decorative impulse of Victoriana lingers on in the ornamented main panel. The underlined script 'logo' of the label name, popularized in the 1920s becomes typographic and enclosed within straight lines, while the 'C' initial above it (representing the company for which the records were made, the Coles Stores chain) is enclosed in curving, organic branches of laurel-leaves. Similarities in the design approach can be seen when compared with the contemporary Clifford label.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector and musicologist Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K. Collector Gerry Grounsell of the U.K. writes: "Clifford ran from 1928 through 1931, and within those three years issued a large number of other labels: Angelus, Paramount, Electon, Embassy [as above], Gracelon, Melotone, Orpheus, Plaza, Regent, Starr, Sterling, Worth, Grand Pree and Golden Tongue." Thanks for updated info to Adam Miller of New Zealand (web site: www.78rpm.net.nz) who writes: "Embassy 8051 [above] was originally issued on US Banner 8876. This was pressed in Melbourne by Vocalion (Australia). The first issues in the 8000 series were in August 1929, selling at 2s. 6d. Info from The Australian Record & Music Review, #18, July 1993."

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