Electromusik (Germany) / 1929

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Design: An attractive design that shows a mix of influences, the label name being set in chunky, angular block-serif capitals while the organic tendrils of the ornament below is composed of curving lines.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Electromusik was the first label introduced by Mr. Albert Ebner in same year (1929) following the bankruptcy of his 'Electromophon' company, under which name he had manufactured gramophones with electric motors and related accessories, including radiograms. Electromusik was one of several 'unbreakable' records of the era; later he changed the material to shellac and the label was renamed Elton. It is also to be noted that the placename 'Vaihingen' appearing on the label has since become a suburb of the city of Stuttgart, and is not to be confused with another Vaihingen located on the River Enz."

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