Duprex (Canada) / c. 1929

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Design: The logo at the top seems to be a monogram of the letters D and F, superimposed on a maple leaf. The label name is set in a bold condensed stub serif, which matches the weight of the swelled border and is well balanced on the label.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Michael Robertson of Canada, who notes: "The Duprex label, like the Aurora label, was a mail-order item, but sold though some unknown outlet in Quebec and, as far as I can tell, is as rare as hens' teeth."

Thanks to Jean Thériault for the following update: "The Duprex record label with the letters D F were issued by a large French family store by the name of Dupuis Frères, on Ste-Catherine street est, in downtown Montréal, Province of Québec, Canada. The store does not exist anymore because of labour strikes."

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