Disque Henry

Disque Henry (France) / 1927

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Design: The checkerboard patterning travelling part way round the label is similar to that seen on the contemporary Edison label, perhaps having to do with stroboscopic speed adjustment. The label name is lettered in a 'modernistic' sans serif style, very advanced for the time period (again, compare with the same Edison label, which shows a much softer-contoured, traditional font).

History: Unknown (have info? Please send to info.re.78s@shaw.ca), but evidently a vertical-cut record to be played with a sapphire (ball-point) needle, and therefore likely related in some way to the French Pathé company, who produced vertical-cut records. The logo above the spindle hole seems to be a combination of the letters F (T?) and H, with the H probably standing for 'Henry.' Label scan courtesy of collector Lucyna Lachowicz of Poland.

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