Disco Electra 2

Disco Electra (Argentina) / c. 1927

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Design: An unusual combination of curved and straight baselines for the label name. Also, the two large-scale words are presented in very disparate styles: sturdy block capitals contrasting with a flowing, pen-based script. The lowercase 'l' in the word 'Electra' has been shortened (see earlier image) to make it fit within the available space.

History: Label scan courtesy of Daniel Beller of Israel, who writes: "The Electra label, founded by Alfredo Amendola (who also founded the Atlanta and Aurora labels), carried electrical recordings (post-1926) by well-known tango artists, including Juan Darienzo, Juan Bautista Guido and Carlos Dante."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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