Disco Aguila 2

Disco Aguila (Chile) / c. 1920

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Design: Translated into English, the label name would be 'Eagle Record.' The crowned eagle, with outstretched wings, sitting on top of the world (and featuring the American continent) symbolizes power.

History: Winner of the first prize at a national exposition of industry in 1910, according to the small print on the label. Label scan courtesy of collector and music researcher Daniel Beller of Israel.

Thanks for updated information to collector Diego Alfonso Castillo of Chile, who writes: "The song title 'Marcha Arjentina' is not a misprint [as previously suggested]. Chile used the spelling system of professor Andres Bello between 1844 and 1927. Bello had designed a genuinely South American writing system, which had several differences with the Spanish system, which has since become the standard through Latin America."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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