Disco Aguila 1

Disco Aguila (Chile) / c. 1920

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Design: The indented circle format is similar to the Columbia label introduced in 1908. The image of an eagle (here wearing a crown) with outspread wings apppears on other labels of the period, such as Paramount (right) and Nipponophone.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector and music researcher Daniel Beller of Israel. Thanks also to record collector Renato D. Menare Rowe of Chile for the following: "Disco Aguila records were recorded and pressed (some being pirated) in Chile by Efraín Band, a Chilean manufacturer and phonograph industry pioneer who started recording cylinders around 1905 and disc records around 1910. He also owned the Fonografía Artística label (found on both records and cylinders), and also pressed pirate recordings on the Royal, Mignon and (later) Radio-Tone labels. He died in 1936."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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