Diamant Record

Diamant Record (Germany) / c. 1929

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Design: A very decorative yet clean and uncluttered design. The label name shows an inline form of Gothic lettering which is wider at the top of the 'x-height' than at the foot, creating angular shapes which are most appropriate for the name ('Diamond'), as are the diamond-shaped serifs along the baseline. The 'fins' on the vertical stroke of the initial 'D' also creates a sparkling effect, as does the dot on the 'i.' Even the surrounding swelled-line border and the stylized banner containing the word 'Record' have been carefully designed to be consistent with the label name lettering; the word 'Record' has been subtly hand-drawn (in those days there was no software to manipulate letter- or word-shapes) to spread outward at the foot.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector Georg Richter of Germany, who writes: "Diamant Record was produced in 1928/29 by Schulz & Gundlach GmbH of Berlin, Germany, which used old Kalliope masters; however, the example above uses an Anker master from the era when Anker and Kalliope for a short time, around 1913, had combined their operations. The tune was originally recorded in 1908. PS: You can listen to 'The Whistler and his Dog,' featuring the fox-terrier Carla, on YouTube here. I made this video just by chance when I was employed at STC (Stuttgart Technology Center), a Sony subsidiary."

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