Deutsche Grammophon

Deutsche Grammophon (China) / c. 1925

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Design: Red and gold is again used to appeal to the Chinese market, with red (for health) and gold (for wealth).

History: Founded in 1898 by Emile Berliner as the German branch of his Berliner Gramophone Company, but becoming separated as a result of WWI. In the late 19th century, at the behest of Kaiser Wilhelm, Germany had embarked on an expansionist drive that sought to create a world empire to rival that of England, with industry being enlisted as its front-line cultural soldiers. Markets for German-made records were opened across Europe, North and South America, the near and far East, the African continent etc. Here, the iconic figure of Hindenburg, the victor of the battle of Tannenburg, is used as a selling feature. It is not known whether or not the content of the record relates to Hindenburg's military exploits. Label scan courtesy of music researcher and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K.

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