Corona (France) / c. 1924

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Design: The label name Corona ('Crown') appears in a very large outlined font, encompassing an elaborately-drawn aeolian harp. The 'strap' at the foot, with its semicircular bulges at each end, is the same design as used by Pathe Freres on its labels; as Pathé employed the vertical-cut process, this might possibly be one of their subsidiary labels.

History: Label scan courtesy of collector John Bruninx of Belgium, who writes: "This 23 cm record is 'hill and dale' (vertical cut). I couldn't find out anything about the artists, but because of the notation appearing at the foot, 'Commence au bord' ('start at the outside'), I would guess it is from the early 1920s and probably French. The song on the other side, Zaza, was written in 1923 by a French composer."

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