Chantal 3

Chantal De Luxe (Belgium) / c. 1923

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Design: There are obvious design similarities with the Gennett label, featuring the strong hexagonal panel, the open interstices being filled with curlicued ornament. The typography is less striking than the Gennett original, with an awkward mixture of condensed script and expanded capitals. The space allowed for the imprinting has not been well handled either, with the lines of type being badly arranged.

History: Label scan courtesy of music researcher and collector Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K., who notes: "This label was first recorded in Britain, then in Belgium, using masters from Aco (U.K.), Vocalion (both U.K. and U.S.A.) and Gennett (U.S.A.)."

Design variations of this label in this decade (click on image to view page):

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