Bouwmeester Record

Bouwmeester Record (U.K.) / c. 1922

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Design: Though the post-WWI label has been updated, with a revised drawing of the Milan Opera House, the aura of antiquity is emphasized with the rococo (shellwork) flourishes between the upper and lower segments. The label name, which follows the outer curve in the old-fashioned way, is set in an unusual asymmetrical position, with the Scala name, set with justified lines, being placed in the new fashion, running horizontally.

History: The original Scala label, launched in 1911, lasted until 1919. In 1920 it was revived by the British branch of the Vocalion label and lasted until 1927. Label scan courtesy of collector and musicologist Bill Dean-Myatt of the U.K., an expert on Scottish music history, whose comprehensive book, A Scottish Vernacular Discography 1888-1960 is available at

Thanks for updated info to Ben Poelman, editor of the Dutch collectors' magazine De Weergever, who writes: "[The name] Bouwmeester may refer to the famous Dutch actor Louis Bouwmeester Sr. (1842-1925), who was famous for his Shakespearean interpretations, or to his son Louis Bouwmeester Jr. (1886-1932), actor and organizer of many theatrical revues."

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